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  • BHO – Butane Hash Oil

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    One of the main types of hash oil is made by using butane, hence the name. This can be very dangerous and should only be done by professionals. There are many resources out there that you can use to learn how to make it, and each way will leave you with a different end product. For instance, some different types of BHO are shatter, wax, and then just plain old oil. Everyone has there favorites, and they all have there own reasoning to that.

    Well how do you know what you have?

    That’s somewhat easy, but lots of times it can be somewhere in between one type or another. It has mostly to do with the constancy. Oil is very very liquidy and hard to handle. Shatter is pretty hard and has an almost glass look to it. It is pretty easy to handle, but if you hold it too long it may melt in your hands. Waxes are well..waxy. They are typically the easiest to handle and aren’t as messy.

    There are a few newer product out there that will really help with the sticky mess.

    This pad will helps so much!! Can you imagine no SCRAPING!!


    After your done making it your going to want to store the sticky icky gooey delicious mess. I love these little containers, makes life easy!!!!


    Next Question you may have is: How hash oil made?

    Its really a pretty easy process, but it can be very dangerous. Please leave it up to the professionals! You can watch a number of youtube videos to get the idea behind it. It all begins with the starting material, you want a quality end product? start with quality beginning material, this is key!! You will need to get an extraction tube, some people make them on there own, but most people go out and buy them. I have even heard of people using Pyrex turkey basters, that’s what the tubes look like at least but I would be wary, it needs to be able to stand up to extreme cold and pressure and the turkey basters seem pretty thin. I have heard of people blowing it up  and hurting themselves, so I would not risk it. Buy something that is designed for the job. I am providing this picture of a turkey baster just so you can get a visual of what we are talking about. Obviously you would remove the plastic bulb and would just be using the tube.

    You can get them in glass or stainless steal. Go to your local head shop, they will most likely have them there. One word of caution though, do not use plastic of any sort!! Butane and plastic do not mix, it will literally melt the plastic. The next thing you need is a filter. I know people that have used coffee filters with good results, but I recommend something like this:

    Now for the butane. There are many choices out there, but the key thing is purity. If you get a low purity butane you will get lots of residual in your hash oil. So my advice, spend the extra couple bucks and get the good stuff, something labeled near zero impurities. You will be happy you did. I recommend using one that is at least 5 times refined, amazon is by far the best place to go. I know a lot of people that like to use vector. Here is a link to it:

    Best and Cheapest Butane available on the market

    Pack the tube with your material, no reason to break it up. just do not over pack the tube or else it can blow up on you. Then run the butane through. You will need something to hold the tube since it gets very cold. I mentioned not having to scrape above, those pads fit perfectly inside a Pyrex backing pan like this:

    Now this is where many people have there own opinion on whats the best way to remove the butane out of the hash oil after you have blasted the material, and this is where your end result will either become more oily, using heat, or more waxy, no heat. It also gets a little more dangerous, never never never have an open flame near the butane, and never do it indoors. This is where people hurt themselves, unless they already blew their tube up because they packed it to tightly with material. At this point I would recommend using a hot water bath, not a hot plate, its just safer. As the heat is added the butane will boil off. If you do not want to use heat, the you should buy a vacuum purge set-up. Belwo is a picture of a set, if you buy the pump seperately you will need to also by valves and hoses.

    Although that pump is only 3 cfm, I would probably go with a 5 cfm pump, also available on amazon. It will give you that little bit extra of sucking power that you need to get your hash oil nice and clean. The final piece you need is the actual vacuum chamber. The one below is actually the cheaper one, they make stainless steel containers as well, but I like this one since you can see it happen. The hash oil will actually muffin while you pump it down.

  • Other Types of Portable Vaporizers

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    There are several other types of portable vaporizers out there that are like the pen style ones. Some of these will actually run on butane instead of battery power and others look like they could be an inhaler. They are still very discrete and easy to take on the go. The best part about these ones is that they work pretty well on dry material. Unlike the pens that are primarily designed to work with BHO or other concentrates, these ones work really great on all types of material. So you may pat just a little more than you would fro a pen, but tiy can use cheaper material in it with great results. Heck, why not get both a pen for your hash oil and another one like these below for you other materials. They all work great while on the go!!!

    The first one I will discuss is the Puffit. This Portable vaporizer is actually really cool. For the unsuspecting passer by would never guess it is a portable vaporizer. They would just think your another victim to asthma, which could be true too. The Puffit portable vaporizer actually does work fairly well on dry material. It has a little cartridge that pops out that you can fill up with your material and pop back in. I have never really heard of using BHO in a vaporizer like this, it really is designed for dry material. The one draw back I had for this one is that if you want to smoke more than one bowl, then you will need to pop that cartridge back out, and it gets pretty hot so you could burn your fingers. They typically come with more than one cartridge, so as long as you have somewhere to drop the spent cartridge out at then you will be good to go. If not, well then you need a little patience. Just give it a couple minutes to cool down and you will be ready to rock again!

    Another option instead of a vaporizer pen are these Iolite portable vaporizers. There a re a couple different styles of these, but all function in pretty much the same way. They do not run on batteries, they actually use butane, which is really kind of cool. I know what your thinking, most people would ask, How can you be vaporizing if its burning butane? Well here is what the Iolite does to get around that. Inside the vaporizer is a heating element. The Iolite burns the butane and heats up the heating element. That heat is then transferred through the heating element into a completely separated part of the vaporizer. This way you are not actually inhaling burned butane fumes. Really a cool idea. This Vaporizer is really great if you do not have electricity always readily available.

  • 510 Vaporizer Pens

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    These are the most common of the Vaporizer Pens, and are typically the cheapest. There are many many brands out there. Some of the more well known ones are the G Pen, White Rhino, Trippy Stick, Atmos and the list goes on. I have personally tried a few and couldn’t tell you how of they were different. Pay close attention to the chamber you pack the material in, the atomizer. This is really what will set them apart from one another. They all have a little bit different of a design. The biggest difference is typically the size of the chamber and the heating element. Some heating elements are a simple wire coil, with or without a wick, others have a skillet design, it almost like an electric stove. I personally think the ones with the skillet are a lot more durable and will last, where as the one coiled wire type heating elements break easier, ifyour not careful, but you will be taking huge rips! Its really kind of a trade off between the 2.

    The coolest thing about the 510 type portable pen vaporizers is that they are all pretty much standard parts. So most of the time you can just use the different parts together regardless of the brand. I had a friend that spenat quite a bit of money on a really nice set-up, but he was not happy with the battery life he was getting out of it. Well he happens to also  vape nicotine, ecig. The ecig he has had really good battery life, So he decided to try putting his cheap ecig battery on his other high dolor set-up and is as happy as can be now.

    If you are wanting to try out a ecig, but do not want to fork out a lot of dough, and are pretty skeptical I would tell you to try it out making your own cheap version. You can buy the actually atomizer pieces by themselves and then just go buy a cheap ecig. Use the ecig and just swap out the atomizer piece you bought. This way if you decide its really not the thing for you, you wont be upset that you spent a bunch of cash. I have not heard this happening very many times though. Most [people try using their portable vaporizer and end up falling in love with it.